Martin Worth Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

Healing the past in the present for the future

About Holographic Kinetics

Holographic Kinetics is an advanced healing modality that recognises the essence of Spirit to bring about healing.

Just as there is an up and a down, an inside and outside, light and dark; there cannot be one without the other.  Just so, there is the internal hyperspace of Spirit that balances the external mortal molecular world that we perceive as reality.

Spirit is the life force.  All living things have Spirit.  Nature, animals; everything that’s alive; including the planet.

In this life (this mortal molecular world) you are ‘you’; the Soul that comprises all your thoughts, programs, the sum of your genetic hereditary lineage.  But throughout universal time and space, (hyperspace), you are Spirit; your Spirit lives from lifetime to lifetime from the beginning of the created universe.  Spirit is the essence; the essence of you.  The real you that lives on, before and after this present life.


In Holographic Kinetics, we ask Spirit to take us to the cause of the issue that you are experiencing and by removing the cause; no matter how far back in time, the issue will disappear.

In a Holographic Kinetics session, we look for the cause of the effect of up to three issues that are bothering.  You will lay, face up on a massage table in a normal waking state while the practitioner asks questions of you Spirit and then takes you to those events that set up the issue for you, to clear them.

HK is not in any way likened to other therapies. It looks at the body as a whole, accessing cellular memory passed down from past cycles of time (including the genetic hereditary line) and addresses the cause of events effecting the present.


Thoughts and emotions set up in the past affect the cycles of the future. These events, thoughts and emotions are trapped in the body today, affecting our lives and causing us to continue repeating the cycles of life patterns and reinforcing them.


Resisting a situation, or not allowing yourself to fully accept it, captures free-flowing universal energy, which will spiral inwards, becoming trapped and transformed into potential energy. This potential energy then crystallizes and aligns itself to become manifest, which can eventually become sickness.


This crystalline energy will lock into a stress or weak point of the body in the moment of trauma. Trapped energy is why some people can become emotionally explosive, as the energy swings from potential energy to explosive energy. Trapped energy can also eventually manifest as confusion, dysfunction, anti-social behaviour and all manner of other ills or disorders.

About Steve Richards

I wish to give acknowledgement to Steve Richards, founder of Holographic Kinetics, without whom I would not have knowledge of this wonderful healing modality.

Steve Richards, Founder of Holographic Kinetics, is of Aboriginal descent. He was awarded the 2005 Life Award, Certificate of Commendation by Suicide Prevention Australia. Steve was nominated for the Human Rights Medal Award in 2005 and 2006. He was also nominated for Australian of the Year in 2007 as acknowledgment of the results for the achievements using Holographic Kinetics.

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